Shipping, returns & payment for Self-Service

In this post, we have gathered some of the most common questions we get around ReRobe Self-Service. 

 What can I sell on ReRobe?

We curate our marketplace and look for items of good quality, that are in-season and in great condition. There are a few things we don't sell: next-to-skin items like your underwear, pyjamas and swimwear, and newly produced fur.

How much commission does ReRobe take?

ReRobe Self-Service gives you up to 85% of the sales price. ReRobe Full-Service gives you between 40 - 50% of the sales price, depending on if we pick up the items from you, or you drop them off at our office. If your item is valued to over 2000 sek, we offer 70% commission on the sales price. 

Is tax included in the sales price?

We apply something called "Vinstmarginalbeskattning" which means that ReRobe pays tax on our cut. You as a seller are not taxed, neither our customers. 

Do I need to send my items to ReRobe before they can be sold?

No. All items stay safely in your home until they are sold. 

How do I price my items?

We give all items price suggestions based on our market insights, to increase the item gets sold. You are free to change the suggested price if you want. 

Can I manage my own return policy?

No. We offer returns to all sellers buying items that are worth over 400 SEK. The items that are returned gets stored at our office until they get sold again, so you don't have to ship more than once. 

Am I responsible for my own shipping?

Sellers choosing the option ReRobe Self-Service has to ship the item to the buyer when the item is sold. The buyer pays for the shipping cost. However, when selling, if you want to save yourself time and be more planet-friendly, it's encouraged to choose the option "available for pick-up". That ultimately means, the seller takes the sold item to our drop-off zone at Östermalmstorg, and the buyer saves money on shipping and picks it up themselves. 

How long does it take to be paid?

30 days. We transfer monthly. 

How do I get paid?

You register your bank account in your profile. 

Where can I see items that I sell on ReRobe?

In your seller dashboard, log in to your profile on the site to view it. 



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