Frequently Asked Questions


What is ReRobe?

ReRobe is a curated marketplace for secondhand clothing. We are an e-commerce platform for clothing that is either second-hand or over-stock inventory from sustainable brands. Like a second hand or consignment shop, we don’t directly connect sellers and buyers; rather, all parties transact with ReRobe. We also create unique pop-up shopping experiences, because it's fun to not only shop from a screen. 

Where can I find you?

We host pop-ups in Stockholm, make sure to follow us on Instagram (@rerobestockholm) to stay tuned for the next one. Luckily, you can buy all items online. Currently we ship in Sweden, and we offer pick-ups in Stockholm city if you want to reduce shipping cost to 0:-  

Do I need to create an account?

No, however we encourage you to do so. Creating an account and becoming a member gives you access to exclusive member rewards, allows you to make money by selling with us, and more. You don't need an account to check-out when buying something. 

How do I contact you?

We are happy to assist at 


What can I purchase on ReRobe?

Right now we offer clothing, shoes & accessories. 

What is your return policy?

ReRobe offers a 14 day return policy on items worth 400 SEK or more in accordance to Swedish consumer law, starting from the date you have received your item. The buyer pays for return-shipping. Please contact us at if you would like to proceed with a return. If an item worth less than 400 SEK doesn't match the description or has any errors, please let us know and we will assist you. 

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet. 

Are all of your items second hand?

We source items from individuals that want to downsize their closets. Some of the items have never been worn - is the item still considered second-hand? We prefer calling it circular fashion, because everyone shopping with ReRobe are now extending the life time-value of all items. We also partner with brands that want to sell over-stock inventory, which means that the item comes to you right off-the-shelf.

How do you guarantee quality?

All items are screened by ReRobe before going live on our site, and we make sure our sellers follow our guidelines in order to keep a pleasant experience shopping with us. We kindly ask you to rate your experience so we can backtrack sellers who abuse our guidelines. 

How are clothes cleaned?

All items coming from sellers choosing ReRobe Full-Service gets ReRobified. We check for holes, stains and provide the right garment care. All items are steamed and smell nice. That extra TLC is important for us. We ask all sellers using ReRobe Self-Service to follow our recommendations regarding cleaning and shipping to keep our community happy, and for them to keep a high rating as sellers. 


How do I become a seller on ReRobe?

It's easy! First, you'll select a seller category for the items you'd like to sell. We currently offer two options:

1) ReRobe Fast-Track: 

Earn 40% commission on all items under 2000 sek, 70% on items over 2000 sek. 

Save time and get your items pre-approved at home, before dropping them off. Current production time for fast track: 7 working days from sales-request to the item’s are getting live on site.

  • Take photos of the items you want to sell and send to ReRobe for review through our form.
  • Our curators will approve items that meet ReRobe’s standards and requirements. We’ll send you a price suggestion for all items, to be approved by you.
  • Make sure items that have been accepted for sale are in mint condition and washed before going to ReRobe.
  • Choose time for pick-up at home (79 SEK for carbon neutral transport in Stockholm, Göteborg or Malmö) or drop it off at our showroom at Södermalm in Stockholm (0 SEK - and you get to browse our inventory and have coffee with us, too)
  • Our curators do a final assessment of all items coming into the showroom, take professional photos of all items and market them on our platform. 
  • When sold, we ship the item to the customer. You get paid on a monthly basis when items have been sold.

2) In-store drop-off:

Earn 40% commission on all items under 2000 sek, 70% on items over 2000 sek.  

Perfect choice if you have less than 20 items to sell. Book an appointment to come by our showroom at Södermalm in Stockholm for an evaluation of your items.

  • You schedule a call where we go over what items can be sold through ReRobe, to increase the chance for all of your items to get accepted (and make sure your don’t have to carry around a lot of clothes unnecessary) 
  • You reserve your time for drop-off in our booking systems. We have times available Monday - Saturday, 08.00-19.00.
  • We meet at our Showroom in Södermalm, the appointment takes about 20 minutes and you get to browse our inventory while waiting for your price suggestions. 
  • ReRobe’s staff will take professional photos of all items and market them on our platform.
  • When sold, we ship the item to the customer. You get paid on a monthly basis when items have been sold. 

How much commission does ReRobe take?

We offer a standard 40% commission on all items under 2000 sek, and 70% on items over 2000 sek.

Is tax included in the sales price?

We apply something called "Vinstmarginalbeskattning" which means that ReRobe pays tax on our cut. You as a seller are not taxed, neither our customers.  

What can I sell on ReRobe?

We curate our marketplace and look for premium items of good quality, that are in-season and in great condition. There are a things we don't sell in general: next-to-skin items like your underwear, pyjamas or swimwear, and newly produced fur.

What brands do you accept? 

We accept brands ranging from a variety of price levels. Our mission is to extend the life-time of all items, as long as they meet our standards of quality, are in-season weather wise, and not too outdated. The brand and quality determine our price suggestions to all sellers. All items accepted are later categorized in three different segments on the site: budget, premium and luxury. 

Do I need to send my items to ReRobe before they can be sold?

Yes. All approved items will need to be processed by our quality and assurance team.

How do I price my items?

We give all items price suggestions based on our market insights, to increase the item gets sold. You are free to change the suggested price if you want. 

Can I manage my own return policy?

No. ReRobe follows guidelines from Swedish consumer law , and we offer returns to all sellers buying items that are worth over 400 SEK. 

Am I responsible for my own shipping?

No. We ship all items from our Södermalm HQ.

How long does it take to be paid?

30 days.

How do I get paid?

We ask you to email your bank account to us for transfer.