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Earn up to 85% of the final sales price of your items when you consign with us
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How It Works

Sell your no-longer-used clothes and accessories the ReRobe way!
It's good for the planet, and your wallet.

Here's how it works on ReRobe:


When you're ready to clear out your wardrobe and sell some items, you'll start by selecting how you'd like to sell with us, and we provide you with two models:

· ReRobe Self-Service (earn 85% commission): You keep 85% of the sales price. You send us mobile phone images through Messenger. We approve items and give you a price suggestion. You give us a couple of attributions about the item, like what brand, color, size and condition it is. We fix the image for you so it looks nice, and upload the item. When a happy buyer has decided to give the item some re-love, we ask you take it to our drop-off zone or ship it to the buyer.

· ReRobe Full-Service (earn 40-50% commission): we take care of everything! All you have to do is get your items ready for a pick-up, and we'll do everything else: take photos, write descriptions, attribute each garment, clean and prepare, and fulfillment.


When you've selected your seller category, we'll guide you through getting your items ready. All items are pre-screened before we sell on our platforms to ensure they meet our quality and style guidelines.

ReRobe Self-Service Sellers: you'll submit photos of each item you'd like to sell, and we'll approve the ones that meet our quality and style guidelines. For approved items, you'll finish up by categorizing and describing each item.

ReRobe Full-Service Sellers: we'll schedule a procurement time to collect your items, as well as guide you through what we're currently accepting. We provide you three easy ways to get your items to us:
· Schedule a free in-home pickup (currently available only in Stockholm) 🏠
· Ship your items directly to us (you're responsible for shipping fees) 📦
· Drop them off at our Stockholm office 🧳


All of your approved items will be promoted on our digital platforms and select pop-up experiences. We'll send you price suggestions for each item, but you ultimately set the final price.✨🧵


For each item sold under 500 kr, you will be paid within 14 days. For each item sold over 500 kr, you will be paid within 21 days (ReRobe offers a 7-day return policy on all items sold over 500 kr, and after this period passes, you will be paid within 14 days). You can choose to be paid by direct deposit or check. 💰

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